WORLD’S Best Smart Pen for Copying on Exams.

This pen is unique in the universe, none other tool can copy his functions. The main features are something unbelievable and extraordinary.

Would you like to pass all your exams without studying?

down here we show you his more important:

– Supports WORD, PDF, TXT…
– Capable of unlocking protected PDF documents.
– Accepts symbology and scientific formulas.
– Sorts infinite files alphabetically.
– 8 GB Memory
– Fast and secure access to your files
– Maximum definition
– Visualize without brightness.

– Emergency button. Can activate it at any time: At the moment you press the button, the other buttons are locked and darken completely, transform it in a regular pen. Only the user will know the unlocking combination.

– Automatic and manual advance mode. The text will advance only without pressing any buttons, but at any time you can advance manually as well.
– The automatic advance simulates a constant dictation to write at a perfect pace, so with only two lines it is more than enough. (Now you will understand: when the teachers dictate something to you in class, they pronounce you only one or two sentences, since if they tell you 4 or 5 sentences you are not able to retain it and you stay behind, the pen does the same).

– No logos or trademarks.
Battery life: more than 10 hours of use.
Battery recharging and document transfer via USB (cable included).
– A design like the current pens “You can’t notice the technology that it hides”.
– Battery Life Up to 10 hours, “Don’t be half-hearted”.
– 128 x 32-pixel display (more than 4,000-pixels resolution)
– Visualize all types of alphabets.
– Colours: BLACK super pen.
– Uses: Right or Left-handed, choose when ordering.
– Original product, patented and property of DIGITAL-MEMORY.